REX – Grinding Systems MC 3-1

RKF 130

REX – Grinding Systems MC 3-1

The innovative solution for portioning and mincing
MC 3-1 is designed for straight filling, portioning and also for operation in conjunction with a clipping machine. REX model ranges RVF 700 and 911 permit the easy attachment of a filling mincer MC 3-1. Combining filling and mincing in a single production step can significantly shorten the overall production process. In addition, the final perforated disc ensures the homogenous granulation of the product throughout. The 130 mm version comes with the option of a 3- or 5-part cutting set.

The independent servo drive of the filling mincer, set and monitored via the touchscreen controls of the filling machine, makes it possible to adjust the cutting speed appropriate to the respective application.

Optionally, the filling mincer MC 3-1 can also be used in conjunction with a pneumatic separation device to separate sinews and bony parts. Opening times can be set programme-specific via the filling machine controls.Other REX attachments can, of course, also be used with the filling mincer.

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The advantages at a glance

  • Shortened precutting of the raw material
  • Reduced residual air content; excellent cutting performance without smearing
  • Exact portioning
  • Powered by an independent servo drive
  • Very easy to adjust via the touchscreen controls of the filling machine
  • Minimal heating of product thanks to optimum product flow

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